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Laugh Track, 2018

Miami Art Week 

Laugh Track is structured around the central idea of stand-up comics and their context, experience, attitude, and sensibilities often communicated through pathos. 

Using the trappings of the traditional NYC comedy club to display individual artworks, performances where carried out by our very own “artist as raconteur” A. Prieto wearing a self-made carrot costume/soft-sculpture (often seen smoking a cigar). Throughout the exhibition, Prieto gives audiences a tour of the installation while fussing slapstick and the absurd with philosophical inquiry and experimental theater into an inebriating blur of content and context.

We think of the piece as a workshop where the experiment becomes the subject and the art objects come to life as a commodity, illuminated during the performances with direct audience interaction.

Art direction - TANGA!

Photos - Rachel Chick 

Demons Release Pete Rose
American Meme
American Meme
Cargo Cult
Martyrdom of Donald Duck
Tasteless Joke
Accidental Prophylactic
Giant Carrot
A. Prieto as Giant Carrot
A. Prieto as Giant Carrot
Man Spread
Man Spread
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