TANGA! is a collective of three artists whose work overlaps at themes such as the politics of domesticity, 21st century identity, and the current ubiquity of performance in everyday life. The group began working together as graduate students in the School of Visual Arts, Art Practice program. 


this Alfredo Travieso creates objects fraught with anxiousness teetering on a kitchen knifes edge between sincere expressions and ironic gestures, as kitsch does, but blurrier still. Travieso embraces the idea of art as chotchke, howeverbric a brac seems to form itself from the rubble of a crumbling Caracas, Travieso's native city.


Chicks work examines gender identification in popular forms such as the garish drag-like exotica of Dolly Parton, and how these obsessions not only adorn our physical bodies but how there psychology colors our environments. Looking closely at the construction of femininity and the history and industry of beauty, Chick seeks the sweet spot where lines blur and traditional roles transform. 

TANGA! HERness.jpg



Travieso and Chick work as perfect foils to one another; Chick feminizes traditionally masculine forms, such as abstraction, while Travieso


adds masculine undertones to craft methodologies associated with women and children (community "paint your own pottery" classes). 


... and then there is the third. Prieto's work relies on the mutability of context to worm his way into the situation. His recreation and manipulation of quotidian objects and themes provide both backdrop and commentary for the rootless, first generation anything-American.